Transforming your PMDD journey from Symptom managment to Living PMDD FREE


Get started with a guided EFT practice to Clear Feelings Of Hopeless And Ground You In Your Personal Power.

support options

You are not too much, and you are not asking too much!

You have just been seeking answers from people who don't have the understanding or tools to support you.

willow: free Monthly PMDD circle

Join me & a supportive community of other PMDD warriors for this virtual monthly circle that offers a safe space to share experiences, practice embodiment and co-regulate. For details about the next call…

one to one coaching

Looking for more high touch, personalized support?

I offer individual coaching sessions and coaching packages. Book an intro call with me to see if it is a good fit.

Embracing Cyclical - Group Program

You are not alone in the PMDD struggle, nor do you have to face it alone. In this program, you will re-write your relationship to yourself and your cycle so you can discover your unique path to becoming PMDD FREE.

they said

I Feel Like A Different Person!

I am no longer afraid of

those painful days!

At the start, I felt lost, hopeless and intimidated when it came to my cycle. I was hoping to gain insight on how to take better care of myself throughout the month so that my cycle became less overwhelming.

Working with Briana left me feeling confident about managing my cycle and adapting to change. I gained so much from this program because she took information and tools and helped me apply them to my personal life.

Briana is so supportive and encouraging throughout the program and understood the issues I was experiencing. Now I feel like I am prepared to take on any feeling or symptom with the tools I’ve learned.

Ahsley P., Lawyer

hi, i'm briana

A certified menstrual cycle coach, mom of 3, married for 12 years, and been living with PMDD since my first period.

When I was (finally) diagnosed with PMDD in 2016, the relief at knowing what was wrong with me was quickly replaced with a sense of hopelessness at the lack of solutions available.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and educate myself on my body and my menstrual cycle until I found relief. In that process of supporting myself physically, I discovered how to come home to my body and myself.

So my coaching practice is not built around my "10 (top secret) steps to a cure." Instead I see my role as facilitating your journey back to yourself. Because when you are living emodied, connected to your intuition, you'll discover that you already have all the resources you need within you.

What does this look like?

Developing the confidence and self-trust to realize your dreams without sacrificing your health, your relationships, or yourself in the process.


When working with me, you will learn practical ways to support your physical and mental health that are rooted in the following disciplines.


Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA)

This practice moves beyond cycle tracking and knowing when to expect Hell Week. MCA is a mindfulness practice that helps you identify and repair the relationship you have with each phase of the cycle and the behaviors associated with them.


Nervous System Regulation

PMDD is so scary because it makes you feel trapped and out of control of your own emotions and your experience. I draw on my training in Polyvagal Theory to co-regulate with you on our calls and to provide you with the tools you need to self regulate on your own.


Mindset & Energetics

Our thoughts and our words have a profound impact on our reality. Even if you can't fully buy into the manifestation trend going around, it's impossible to ignore that if you think that you are broken and hopeless your brain will provide you with plenty of evidence to confirm it. We will work together to change this narrative without "toxic positivity"


Personal Agency

I approach my work through a trauma informed lens. As such my role is to come alongside you in your healing journey, lend my nervous system and support you in accessing your intuition and agency. Only you know what you are ready for. Only you know where you are ready to strech your capacity and how far. I prioritize creating a space where you feel safe to speak up or push back as needed.


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