Sync Your Next Cycle

A quick start to syncing your business with your menstrual cycle

In this 60 min. session, we will identify your current cyclical patterns and pitfalls (when imposter syndrome gets you down, when your energy crashes, when inspiration strikes) and plan your next 30 days to work with your menstrual cycle instead of against it

Some Topics We Can Cover...

  • Course or service launch

    • Build your launch around when you are naturally the most confident and magnetic.

  • Creating an online course

    • Go from idea to passive income quicker by doing each step when it feels the easiest and most fun

  • Content Batching

    • Don’t rely on arbitrary 1st of the month batching. Instead batch creative tasks when your creativity is at its peak and admin tasks when organization feels compulsive.  

  • Clear Expectations

    • Start making commitments to yourself and others with your cycle in mind so you can re-write your relationship with consistency and productivity.

The best part?! You can start implementing these strategies immediately

—with your current cycle, with your current schedule, and with your current lifestyle. 

Think of this like your cycle syncing crash course + 30 day trial.


I was considering signing up to be a vendor at a wellness fair for the first time in October, but it felt overwhelming to even think about.

I left our call with not only much less overwhelm, but a solid plan for my show that synced with my cycle.

Keeping in mind that my energy will ebb and flow in the next 5-6 weeks before the show, I am excited to not feel like I will have to do everything at any given moment

-Reena S.

Here's How It Works

  • Book Your 60 Min. Session

  • Complete a short intake form to maximize our time together.

  • Jump on a call with me

  • Walk away with...

    • An easy to follow blueprint for your next 28(ish) day cycle.

    • Access to 30 days of email support for clarification & troubleshooting.

Clients who see the best results are typically...

High achievers who are looking for

sustainable productivity practices.

Interested in supporting their cycle

with more science than woo.

Highly sensitive but also highly

ambitious with a desire to balance the two.

Eek out every last drop of goodness

I was intrigued that my cycle affected my energy level, and I wanted to learn more about that. As an entrepreneur, I wear a lot of hats so I was interested to know if I could better plan my day, week and month based on my cycle and the associated energy level. 

My cycle is not cumbersome for me, but at the level I'm at, I need to eek out every last drop of goodness. Ladies need to know how to live the best life they can in the body they have. This is a critical piece of it.

I can't believe I'm just learning this at 42! It's going to change your relationship with yourself. 

- Monica B.


  • Giving yourself permission to slow down or rest because you know exactly when your energy will return.

  • Ditching urgency for intentionality in your business planning

  • Having a plan in place when self-doubt and imposter syndrome are the loudest.

  • Having cleared your morning, scheduled childcare, and created the perfect environment and your creativity is actually flowing


What's the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

 That since day one, she's already had everything she needs within herself. It's the world that convinced her she did not.

-Rupi Kaur